About Us

My name is Saleem, and I have been playing the game of basketball since I was ten. I will never forget the day I got my first basketball and the feeling that shot through me. It was love at first sight. That night, as I held on to the ball tightly in bed, I could not wait for the sun to come up to start my basketball journey.

As I got older, my passion for the game grew as well. I would stay outside all day playing the game I loved, often missing meals just so I could get some more shots up!

The more I played, the better I got and I began playing organized basketball on teams throughout middle school and high school.

Unfortunately, that is about as far as my story goes for playing basketball. I was never the most physically gifted and weigh about 140 pounds soaking wet. In short, I never made it big in the game of basketball. Just a regular guy who loves the game

Why Did I Create This Basketball Site?

The answer is simple! I want to help basketball lovers receive first-hand quality basketball information on the go.

As a young player trying to learn the game, the options for free quality content are limited. Sure, you could join a team or hire a personal coach, but that can cost big money!

I tirelessly searched online for good basketball websites and came up short. Most of the information was outdated or inaccurate

I was frustrated. I thought, “if I can’t find the info I’m seeking, maybe I can create something myself for people out there like me.”

One day, an idea popped into my head: why not create a blog that covers my basketball knowledge that I have picked up and give people what they want?

I dove head-first into website design, recruited some talented basketball subject matter experts, and began writing. And here we are!

Why Travisa.net?

After the idea to make a basketball-related blog formulated, I knew I had to think of a name. Naming the blog became an obsession for me. I asked (more like bugged) friends and family for their opinions and finally landed on Travisa.net.

That’s it! The name encapsulated the feeling of what excites you, the basketball fan, the most when watching a game. It can also be controversial among basketball players and coaches in this era of the game.

Some prefer their players running the lane and getting a dunk and others would like to see their shooters flare out to the wings and take the three.

So, the answer to the question is relative! And so is this site. In short, travisa.net is for everybody!

What Will You Get from This Site?

My mission for this site is simple: Help the reader get better at the game.

We will accomplish this together through our endless content. What kind of content can you expect from us?:

  • Instructional articles
  • Basketball equipment buying guides and reviews
  • Informational blog posts on all things basketball

My team and I are going to create content based on real experience and research. No stone will go unturned and we will throw in our experiential knowledge to give you first-hand perspective.

How We Create the Content

The same applies to our site. My team and I will always provide the best basketball information – both captivating and educational – for your consumption, without surrendering quality.

Our reviews and recommendations are “test-driven” by our team before dishing out our opinions!

If our team isn’t familiar with a product, which is rare, they hit the streets to learn about them through first-hand accounts from the people who use them. We also get consumer reviews, which fuel our extensive buying guides.

Always keep in mind, I am a basketball fanatic that wants to get the best basketball resources.

Our desire is for Travisa.net to earn your unwavering trust by delivering purely unbiased content. We want you to apply our advice and suggestions provided on the site, to get results that work.